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33 days and counting down … NaNoWriMo begins November 1.

30 days and nights of “Literary Abandon” … a 50 000 word story/novel end result.

The last week I have been ‘plotting’.  David and I had a ‘breakfast meeting’ to discuss life and living (a very relaxing and harmonious process) which became a ‘plot’ planning opportunity.

I have been a little anxious about the writing challenge after last year’s efforts.  That was a HUGE process and journey writing about myself and working through a lot of healing on the way to understanding.  So, my memory of the only writing challenge I’ve completed is ‘battered’.

I kind of like the idea of writing a ‘story’ that is purely fictional.  Not sure I can, but have had success over the years with my peers enJOYing what I have concocted. 😀  The last couple of years, Lovely Beverly, has been able to produce wonderful stories that have had me totally involved.  And, they have been part of a trilogy.  Part 3 may be the one written for this year.

Going with that positive role model and the wisdom and clarity gained by exploring the options with David, I have a rough plot.  It’s enough to give me a bit of an outline of what is going to happen although I haven’t got any clear idea of the climax.

I have, however, had a ‘moment’ – a little light bulb went off it my head one night while I was making dinner – and am now ‘creating’ my leading man character.

I found, last year, that having images of things/people that represented what I was feeling and writing about helped keep my focus.  The same process is in action, this year.  I am creating a composite of personality and looks and drifting through potential story lines and conflicts, sorting out a clear story line for my leading characters.

This is Fun!

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  1. Beverly Says:

    How exciting that we are just a month away from NaNoWriMo – I am going to write Book 3 this time – I haven’t done any further planning, although have begun dreaming of the characters again, so it must be time.
    Can’t wait to read your story and see the development as we go along – emails together would be fun – are you interested?

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